What is a duvet/duvet cover you’re wondering? I never heard of a duvet cover until I was on the search to find baby and kid bedding manufacturers for my website. In my research I have found something very interesting, people use duvet and duvet cover in the wrong context. I learned that I was even pronouncing it wrong. The proper pronunciation is (doo-va’).

The first description of a duvet cover, is a cover that goes over your comforter. A duvet cover is sewn together by 3 sides with either buttons, zippers, or velcro top for closure. What you do is to take that comforter that you love so much and slip it in between the two pieces of fabric and close. You see, people love a duvet cover for a couple of reasons. One, the duvet cover protects the comforter and preserves the comforter for years. Duvet covers can be washed like sheets unlike the comforter. Many comforters will lose their form and comfort when washed. You may have even found that your comforter can’t be washed. Another reason people love duvet cover is to decorate their bedrooms. It is a lot cheaper to buy one comforter and buy a few duvet covers to change the look of a room. The third reason people will use duvet covers is to cover a picky down comforter. This also helps contain the feathers to stay within the duvet cover.

The second description of a duvet cover is it is not classified as a duvet cover but simply named a duvet. Wow hah? A duvet is made just like your comforter or quilt. It is made with pieces of cotton or similar fabric that is filled with either cotton, polyester, soft wool, foam, or even downing. Duvets range in filling to coordinate with the climate. They can be made fluffy and thick to accommodate the colder climate temperatures. They can also be made thinner and lighter weight with less fill. And last they can be made with no fill and resemble a sheet. Duvets covers can go great in a kid’s bedroom because of their changes in taste. Another good reason to have them for a kid’s bedroom is because they can be washed. I hope I have helped you understand just what is a duvet/duvet cover. To find out what a duvet cover may look like, you may visit our site at littletikebedding.com and click on Twin Duvet Covers. You can check out my website to see what a duvet cover looks like. We sell them specifically for your kid’s bedroom.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Michelle_Bowman


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