Bathroom Towels – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

One of the most common household items — found in every home — are towels. I’d like to take a couple of minutes in this article to talk about how you can select the best quality towels and towel accessories for your home.

First, the good: good-quality towels are made from solid, sturdy fabrics. Good-quality towels will make use of colorfast dyes. Of course good-quality towels cost more to purchase than the cheap ones — but they last longer, particularly those towels which must be laundered frequently — such as hand towels and dish towels.

Good-quality towels are also made from absorbent materials. I see towels on sale all the time which are made from synthetic fabrics which won’t absorb even a drop of liquid — what good are these? Not much, I think. The best towels — in the judgment of many people — are made from 100% cotton. Egyptian cotton towels are are recognized around the world as being made from a superior fabric. In many stores you will pay more for Egyptian cotton towels than any other type, but it is well worth the investment to purchase something that will last for years and years.

Secondly the bad: bad quality towels are made of very thin, flimsy material with a very loose weave. Bad quality towels usually have a printed design rather than a design that is embroidered. Often times these are towels that will not last even after a dozen trips to the washing machine. Often times bad quality towels are made from materials that are not very absorbent.

This means that when you buy towels for your home, you should carefully read the manufacturer tags before purchasing, in order to discover what materials were used in making them. Another problem with towels made from synthetic materials is that they are easily scorched — even melted — when they are used to handle items coming out of your oven, a hot pot on your stove top, or even when they are thrown into your dryer.

Finally the ugly: in general if a towel design appeals to you, that’s okay. But beware of towels that have outlandish designs or unusual color schemes. These towels are oftentimes marked down — simply because people do not wish to purchase them. These ugly towels will probably not match any color scheme you have in your home. You will probably end up keeping them tucked away in a storage box somewhere — and a great bargain is no bargain at all if you never use the item!

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